Hands-on with a Minnowboard Dual-e

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Connected Minnowboard Dual-e

I recently got my hands on one of the dual ethernet Minnowboards from Adi Engineering. I’ve been on the hunt for a nice low power, small form factor development board for a while, but nearly everything available in my price range comes with a single network card.

This board is a bit of an improvement over previous Minnowboards, with an M.2 slot, and dual ethernet, but lacks the onboard emmc available on previous versions. Since I had a few spare m2 ssds around, it’s not a huge deal for my purposes. Once I’ve gotten through testing this board out, the plan is to build out a demo cluster to bring around to various conferences to showcase what we’re currently doing with the distribution, so you may hear a bit more from me on this in the future.