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Thoughts on CentOS Stream

2 minute read

I’m excited to see the CentOS project and Red Hat work together and collaborate around CentOS Stream, and I’d like to explain why I think this is a good move...

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Four years later with CentOS and Red Hat

2 minute read

After 4 years of being at Red Hat, I still occasionally get questions that show not everyone understands what Red Hat means to CentOS, or what CentOS provi...

Boosting CentOS server performance

1 minute read

Last week I spent entirely too much time trying to track down a performance issue for the AArch64/ARM64 build of CentOS. While we don’t and won’t do performa...

A Fresh Start

less than 1 minute read

For the last few years, I’ve not really cared at all about a semi-permanent slice of home on the internet. I’ve stuck mostly with twitter and only the occasi...

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